Improved Safety, Luxurious Relaxation

Often, when people think about a walk-in tub, they imagine a big, clunky, uncomfortable thing that fills up half of the bathroom. That’s not the case! Ella walk-in tubs are designed to provide that sweet spot of personal comfort, customizability, and ease of use. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations for a tub that fits nicely in your space, so you don’t have to worry about your new tub getting in the way of the sink or toilet. 

The Ella walk-in tub options go beyond basic functionality and provide an amazingly relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Each tub style is designed for comfort and ease of use in equal measure. From anti-slip flooring to easy-to-grab handles, the style and fixtures on each Ella walk-in tub are made to make bathing easier for those with low mobility. Options like aromatherapy, a heated seat, and Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy take your perfunctory bath from generally comfortable to a delightful in-home spa experience. Turn on the bubbles for a gentle massage, set a glass of wine on the swivel table, and you won’t ever want to leave your tub! 

Ella Tub Sizes include: 

  • Elite — 30” W x 52” L; seat size is 21.75”
  • Petite — 28” W x 52” L; seat size is 19.75”
  • Royal — 23” W x 52” L; seat size is 23.75”
  • Ultimate — 30” W x 60” L; seat size is 21”
  • Deluxe —30” W x 55” L; seat size is 19.75”


Our Bathroom Remodel Process

Here at AZ Tub Guy, our goal is to ensure that you end up with the perfect walk-in tub and/or shower for your space and your needs. That’s the best way to help you maintain your independence and take care of personal hygiene safely, after all. When you connect with our Phoenix-area bathroom remodel team, we start with a free in-home consultation so we can get to know you and better understand your needs. 

During the initial consultation, we do more than just evaluate your space. We take the time to understand your expectations, preferences, and budget, and we gladly answer any questions you might have. Once we have a better idea about your needs and your wishlist, we’ll provide a list of walk-in tub or shower options that will work best. You choose the option that appeals most, and we’ll create a timeline for your bathroom remodel and get started. Our goal is to help you regain your independence and improve your safety at home with as little hassle as possible — and give you a great way to relax without muss or fuss!

Contact us to learn more about our bath remodel process and schedule your in-home consultation today!