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Here at AZ Tub Guy of Phoenix, our ultimate goal is to help you find comfort and safety from this aspect of your daily routine — which is why we offer much more than just walk-in tub and shower installations. Our process starts with a free in-home consultation so we can get to know you and better understand your needs. From there, we’ll offer options that are best suited for your needs and walk you through a timeline for the installation process. Beyond that, though, we want to make sure your updated bathroom will fully care for your needs. To that end, we also offer: 

Free Bidet With Every Full Shower or Tub Purchase

When loss of mobility is a concern for bathing, we assume that those concerns extend to other areas of life, as well. A bidet isn’t just one of those fancy European affectations — it’s also a good way to help care for personal hygiene for those with limited mobility. A bidet provides hygienic cleansing with less of a call for twisting, bending, or grasping that may strain a limited range of motion. When you purchase a full walk-in shower or tub, we’ll bring a bidet, too. 

Free Bathroom Repaint

Bathroom remodeling can create a bit of a mess. We want to make things as hassle-free as possible, which is why the AZ Tub Guy team will handle a bathroom repainting for you. Don’t fret about matching paint colors; with a free bathroom repaint, you won’t need to worry about that line of color where old paint meets new. Match your existing color, or use this as an excuse to turn your bathroom into the spa-like retreat you dream about — starting with a fresh coat of paint!

Free Toilet

When was the last time your toilet was replaced? If your home is like most, that same toilet has been there since the home was built. We figure since we’re already in doing a bit of bathroom remodel work, we can help make your space a bit more hygienic while we’re at it. Talk to your bathroom remodel team about your free toilet and get that old, dingy, germy one replaced while we’re installing your new walk-in tub or shower. 

Walk-In Showers — Free Upgraded Faucets and Diverter

If you struggle to get your shower’s water to just the right temperature, the fault may lie with the diverter (which is what controls flow from both hot and cold water lines). Well, not to worry. When you purchase a walk-in shower, we’ll upgrade the faucets and diverter so you can enjoy the optimal shower experience. During your consultation, we can discuss faucet options that work for your mobility needs. 

Free Home Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning

We know that one of the worst things about any home remodel project is the workers coming through your home and getting dust everywhere. We may not be all-star cleaners ourselves, but we’ll make sure your home is tidy when we’re done. Choose a professional home cleaning or carpet cleaning on us!

Send Us 3 Pictures Of Your Area (Needing A Tub or Shower), Get A Quote In 3 Hours

Want to save a little more on your bathroom remodel? Send us 3 pictures of your area, and get a quote back in 3 hours. If you act by August 31st, get a free tile tub surround on a new tub!  This offer is only good until August 31st, though, so connect with our bath remodel team today to learn more!

Our goal is to make sure your bathroom remodel goes as seamlessly as possible and provides you with the changes that make your bathroom space easy and safe to use day after day. Get started by giving us a call for a free in-home consultation across Phoenix!